Our new IPC unit has us looking at both weather and climate. We are in the depths of our investigations right now looking at various topics like kinds of climate, why some areas are warmer than other, different kinds of disasters, predicting the weather, different kinds of clouds, how climate changes cultures and so on. There is a lot to cover in this unit and a lot of hard work to be done. But given the topic and all the interesting things we are learning about our daily lives and things that are right in front of us, we are happy to take on the challenge. Good Good Study, Day Day Up 😛


Sound and Light

Last Friday, each class hosted a themed room for Science week. Everyone got to see what their school mates have been learning in IPC. Year 5/6 were ending their unit with light and sound. So we thought that showing some cool experiments showing sound waves would be a great idea. We made ‘oobleck’ dance and bent laser light. We also had some interactive stations set up for students to make shadow puppets, get a closer view of sound waves, manipulate laser light with reflection, and see how water changes sound. Overall, we had a pretty cool room. Our other years did amazing work too, sharing the science of human anatomy, electricity,bubbles, and forces. Super fun Science Friday was a great time. IMG_3131 IMG_3163 IMG_3166 IMG_3192 IMG_3213 IMG_3303 QQ Photo20160321082829
QQ Photo20160321082932

Science Week


We had an amazing Science Week this year. There was school wide competitions with mold growing, making your own solvents to dissolve the marshmallow, boat building, tower making, and plant growing. Year 1 took first place with the tallest tower, strongest boat, and quickest dissolved marshmallow. They get to go shopping online for science supplies that they’d like to have at our school. Great job year 1.

Magnetic Amusement Park

Continue with our Fairgrounds IPC unit. Last week we made our own fairgrounds games. The objective was simple: using any materials available in class, each group had to make a fair-game involving magnets. We had some pretty cool results and challenging games.




If you haven’t tried this out then get to your app store and get this free music app for your iPad or iPhone, plug in your ear-phones, and have fun time making some amazing samples of music. You can make crazy computer-game music, techno dance party songs, some robot noises, or even relaxing sounds to help you sleep.

And as a bonus, if you have your own email or a guardian/parent email that you can borrow; you can share your songs with the world and hear what other people are making.

It truly is a fun and FREE app that’s worth the download.

Candy Ride 2

Hey Yr.5

Here is a fun game for ya while you’re at home, sad, crying, because you want so badly to be in Mr.D’s classroom working on Maths… or maybe finishing your roller coasters for IPC. Anyways, you gotta get all the candy into this kid’s mouth by moving the big red candy and pushing the smaller ones. It sounds easy? It starts to get trickier as you move up levels and later it gets super hard. If you got some free time and you are tired of your iPad (impossible), check this game out and see how good your hand to eye co-ordination is when gravity takes over.

candy ride 2


Here is another fun roller coaster build-it game. Get your coaster safely to the end of your track and you’ll move on to the next level. Each level gained allows you to add more features like a loop-the-loop. See what level you can get to and have fun.
whoaler coaster

Roller Coasters A Go Go

As we wrap up our work before the holiday, we decided to cut our big project short and focus our last-day-efforts on getting a small marble to make it through a single loop. We broke into two groups and everyone was busy for a solid hour of cutting, adjust, re-measuring, cutting some more, and chasing marbles around the room. One group reached our goal while the other were as close as could be. I will send students home with instruction on how to build their own paper roller coasters with some A4 paper, scissors, rule, tape, and pencil. My only request is that pictures of their non-mandatory work be taken.

Coaster Creator

Have fun building your own roller coaster. But make sure that you consider Kinetic and Potential energy when deciding what to put on your coaster. Don’t forget though, if it’s boring you won’t get good reviews either.

the jason project

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